It’s the perfect time to celebrate family

Christmas is a time to celebrate family. So, why not give the gift that is not only about family, but about your own family. Jamaican Chinese Worldwide – One Family or The Red Book, as it has been affectionately called, is the perfect gift to give a parent, your children or a cousin.


Mr. William Chin Len Kow and his family, one of the pioneer settlers, arrived in Jamaica in 1895. He is one of the three people who bought the Chinese cemetery for the community in 1901 and was a founding father of Chee Kung Tong. This is an example of one of the photos you will find in this book.

It is a wonderful reference book detailing the history of the Chinese migration to Jamaica between 1854 and 1884 and the lives lived on the island nation between the 1950s to the 1970s . It is a fantastic record of hundreds of families and it illustrates the amazing fact that we are all somehow related.

Enjoy your Christmas and let the story telling begin!

For more information on how to order your own copy of Jamaican Chinese Worldwide – One Family, please email Loraine Lee at


4 thoughts on “It’s the perfect time to celebrate family

  1. Hi, Loraine, Patrick and Christina!

    This is wonderful! I have always thought the RED BOOK should go digital! I love the Red Book – and it’s predecessor the Black Book! And my father loved them, too. His hobby was spending time flipping through the book and recalling all the people he knew – which sometimes seemed like everyone. Well, if not everyone, he probably had some 6 degrees of separation to many!

    I love that all the history of the Hakka and the Chinese-Jamaicans that you cannot find anywhere else is right here. It is a cultural treasure for the Chinese-Jamaican community, and for giving it to the community and future generations, you are the real cultural treasures!

    I will say it again: this book belongs in every Chinese-Jamaican’s home! Read often and share well!

  2. Thank you Simone! I know my parents are pleased that the books are so cherished and that they have become the go-to resource for the community and beyond. We hope this blog will continue what the books have started – to offer useful information and inspire some to delve deeper into their family histories.

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