Keeping up with…Confucius?

Recording and storing your families’ information

I recently read an article in ChinaDaily USA about how Confucius’ Family Tree has been digitized:

Descendants of ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius have digitized books delineating

Thanks to for the image!

Thanks to for the image!

their family tree, which is believed to be the world’s largest, to make it easier to revise.

The original paper collection of the family tree containing a record of all 83 generations of Confucius’ offspring of over 2 million people is currently 43,000 pages long and takes up 80 books, but it will be able to fit on a thumb drive after being digitized.

What a great idea! The only thing is: who has the time? It’s one of those projects that gets started and never gets done. The key, perhaps, is to realize that it is an ongoing process, break it down into manageable parts and assigned to different members of the family.


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